School Daze: Top 10 School Supplies To Snag This Year


School starting up is rapidly coming upon us and that means…IT’S SCHOOL SUPPLY SHOPPING TIME! I’m not sure if you’re weird like me and love shopping for school supplies but it’s my favorite thing and over the years I’ve amassed a pretty solid supply of supplies so I’m going to give you my top 10 favorite school supplies to check out. Also don’t forget if your school gives you a supply list- umm get those supplies too!


A planner: get a planner. A hard copy paper planner. I know this sounds probably silly to some of you, but let me tell you having a paper back up of your schedule will help you out so much. If your phone breaks, is taken, doesn’t sync you’ll still have access to your schedule and it can double as a notebook for some quality note taking. I personally use a passion planner, but Erin Condren has nice planners, Happy Planner is a solid option or you could go with Bullet Journaling and customize and create your own!

Sharpie Art Pens: These are by far my favorite planner pens. They come in so many color options, they don’t run through the pages (of the planners I’ve used), they’re great for color coding and calendar blocking, and they can come in this snazzy stand up case that makes you look super put together. I also use these for my notes- great for headings. And honestly someone is always asking for a sharpie so these are pretty clutch for that too.


Pentel RSVP Pens: These are your not so basic ball point pens. I LOVE THESE. They come in several color options: black and blue ones you can get in packs of 5 which is usually what you’re being told to get—and need. They write so smoothly but they look super cool. Who says your school supplies have to be boring to be functional!

Pencil Case: Okay this seems like a no-brainer but a pencil case is a must. Keeping your writing utensils organized in your backpack will save you so much heartache trust me. There are 93 million pencil case options out there. I currently use this polka dot zip bag I got from Target like 500 years ago (I’m not currently in school but yes I still use a planner, backpack and pencil case). Make sure you have one and keep it stalked with what you need for the day and keep your leftovers in your room!

Backpack: Okay In my years of school I have tried every bag in the book. Cute tote bags, back packs, satchels, all the bags. GET. A. BACKPACK. Your body will thank you for it later. Again there are tons of cute backpacks out there but here are my suggestions in looking for a bag. Get a good quality bag that has padded straps, at least one outside pocket, a spot for a water bottle, it should be made of waterproof material, good quality zippers (this is a big one) and a laptop pocket. These things will save you in the long run and you can make a solid fashion statement.

Notebooks: Again another no-brainer but I’m adding it to the list anyways. Sometimes your school will tell you what kind of notebook to get so it’s easy to choose, but my suggestion is to get a lined spiral notebook. I like wide ruled paper because I have larger hand writing, but sometimes college ruled is required so get that. These can be cheap easy finds that are usually on sale during back to school time. I like to get ones with different color covers so I can color code by class and keep all my notes in one place. Sometimes you can even fit multiple single subject notebooks in a 3” ring binder and keep everything together.

3-hole punch: Having your own 3-hole punch will honestly make you the most popular person in the world because you so randomly need to hole punch things. I was constantly in search of a 3-hole punch and when I finally got one of my own life was golden. You can use it to hole-punch assignments that require it (yes sometimes teachers require that) and it can help you organize your notes and papers in 3 ring binders which is super clutch. You can get these pretty cheap during back to school time and they don’t take up much desk space which is also super clutch.


A stapler: Like our friend the 3-hole punch having your own stapler is ESSENTIAL! Do you know that some professors will actually take points off your paper because it’s not stapled?! This actually happened to me so I got myself a stapler quick after that. Having it in my dorm or at home was so handy. I never had to worry about losing those pesky points…or losing pages because my paper wasn’t stapled together. This might seem like a silly thing to harp on, but honestly get a stapler you’ll thank me later.

Pencils: So I know that most of my professors were hard core about writing in pen, and that pen is important and pens are definitely important…BUT SO ARE PENCILS. My inner perfectionist need the option to erase and start over. And if you’re in a math class-forget about doing your problems in pen PENCIL ALL THE WAY. A good quality pencil is such a handy thing to have on you. I personally prefer mechanical pencils and I am currently using Pentel GraphGear 500 with .007 lead. This pencil does require an extra eraser but it writes nicely and no smudging that I’ve experienced. Some teachers require No.2 regular pencils and those are always reliable- oldie but goodies. Whichever route you go- GET A PENCIL or three.

Post It’s: Last but not least is post it notes. I use these for EVERYTHING!! Bookmarks, note, daily affirmations on my mirror, reminders on my mirror, notes to my roommate, literally everything. I love having a good stack of colorful post its around. One year I got fancy and I bought the post-its with the dispenser and that was next level but totally unnecessary. Post-it notes are so handy, they come in a million different sizes (and even in some highlighters) and they’re fun to color code with and really helpful.

So these are my top 10 school supplies that helped me make it through K-12, Undergrad, and graduate school. Everything on this list I actually still use so I can attest that these things are handy. This isn’t everything you need, but these are definitely things not to leave off your shopping list! What are you favorite school supplies! Tell me in the comments!