Love The Skin You're In: SuperGoop Everyday SunScreen SPF 50


I started to really get into skin care about two years ago. Yes I am very late to the “invest in your skin” party, but better late than never right? In all of my research, chats with my fabulous esthetician Jen, and some smart friends with beautiful skin one thing I kept hearing consistently is to WEAR SUNSCREEN!!! I can’t lie I was told a while a go that people with more melanin don’t need sunscreen because we don’t sunburn. THIS IS A WHOLE BOLDFACED LIE! Melinated friends: you can get sunburn and even more frightening- Skin cancer doesn’t care about your melanin at all and it can affect you too!

So because sun burn sounds awful, I do not want skin cancer, and because I am trying to make sure I’m doing right by my largest organ, I started my quest to get on the sunscreen train. One of the challenges I’ve run into a Black woman trying to get a good quality sunscreen is the awkward blue cast it leaves on the skin. Looking zombie like isn’t ideal and if I’m honest that definitely made me not wanna wear it. But there are several brands that have made changes to their formulas to avoid that blue cast on darker skin tones- blessings to them.

My fabulous esthetician Jen recommended Super Goop sunscreen to me. And because the stars really aligned Hey Fran Hey from The Friend Zone Podcast recommended not two days later. So I decided to take the plunge. SuperGoop offers a ton of sunscreen options, but I decided to go with the Everyday Sunscreen SPF 50. I opted for this one because I was getting it to primarily be used on my body- I have something different for my face. SuperGoop made a very good first impression because 30 minutes after I placed my order it was already shipped on the way to my house.

I got my sunscreen two days later and it is odd to be excited about sunscreen but I was for the first time. I’ve been using it for about a month now and I have to say I love it! I’m so glad I decided to be bold and order the 18 oz bottle. The texture of the sunscreen feels more like lotion, it’s not runny, but it’s definitely runny compared to a lot of sunscreens I’ve used in the past. I like the consistency because a little goes a long way so you don’t have to waste it.


It has a really pleasant scent as well. Sunflower extract is one of the ingredients and to me it has a floral scent on top of the sunscreen smell. I really like it, but that’s something to keep in mind. This is also a water-based sunscreen which makes me really happy and on the whole it’s a more natural option in terms of sunscreens which is also super rad. I mentioned that I got the 18 oz bottle which is super huge but it comes in several size options which is also really cool as well. They have payment plan options as well if you want the bigger size.

Depending which size bottle you get the pricing is between $10-$48 with tax and shipping. For a black girl friendly, natural sunscreen I’m giving it full marks! If you’re looking for a sunscreen I definitely recommend SuperGoop Everyday Sunscreen!