The Adulting Chronicles: NO SPEND MAY


Last month I wrote about my goals to buy a new car, a house, and make real investments-like a proper adult. My current plan is to handle my credit and do that I must:

  • Raise my credit score

  • Pay off 1 credit card

  • Start my snowball into my second credit card.

These tasks are simple enough right? WRONG. Well at least for me. I’ve been doing so much better since I decided I was going to get my car with not spending money, but I like to give myself a monthly challenge to make it even more fun, and hopefully get a better handle on my spending. Enter No Spend April. So my rules for my No Spend April were simple- don’t spend money on anything other than paying bills and these few approved items:

  • 2019-2020 Academic Passion Planner- I was allowed to purchase that

  • Avengers: Endgame Movie ticket- I was allowed to buy that

  • Deposit for May facial- I was allowed to buy that

  • New Shampoo and Conditioner- I was allowed to buy that ( I was completely out of everything)

  • Chelsea Brown Co passion planner stickers- I was allowed to purchase those


I did get all those items, which I meticulously budgeted for, but my eyes got the better of me and that is not all I ended up spending on. It’s easy to get super defeated over it, but new month, new blessings, new goals right!? So I’m trying it again this May! Here are my rules: DON’T SPEND MONEY ON ANYTHING BUT BILLS AND THESE ITEMS (I’m yelling at myself to remember this):

  • My Facial on May 19th

  • My Scentsy Club Order

  • My Warmer of the Month Subscription

  • My Mom’s Mother’s day Gift

  • ASL Course registration

AND THAT IS ALL.. That is all. These are my only May purchases. I’m really very determined to get my car and to honestly prove to myself that I can do a no spend month. I’m also hoping to see what impact this makes on my bank account and see if I save any money. I’m excited about the challenge! Have you ever done a no spend month? Any tips for me? Let me know in the comments below.