The Adulting Chronicles: Morgan Finally Grows Up


Hi my name is Morgan and numerically I am an adult. In 2018 I turned 30 whole entire years old and honestly, I don’t know what i’m doing so I wouldn’t actually class myself as an adult but my age says I am so I’m going to try to catch up to the number. Don’t get me wrong being young at heart isn’t a bad thing and I don’t intend to change that, but there are some grown up things like budgeting, getting house, a dog, etc that I want to accomplish and that’s the kind of adulting I’m going for.

I recently visited a bunch of my friends in Orlando and aside from it being a wonderful trip, I got to see some of the ways they’re adulting and it’s got me extra motivated to try my hand at it too. Sometimes I think it’s hard to get started making those big choices and decisions with finances or moving a new job anything like that. So I’m sharing parts of my journey because I want to make sure there are people out there showing you that process is possible. It might be hard but it’s at least possible :)

So here are my major goals for the next 3 years:

  • Buy a new car

  • Buy a 3 bedroom townhouse

  • And properly start investing in my retirement fund

For a lot of people these might not be a big deal but I’ve made some credit mistakes so this might be a little bit of a challenge for me. When I say mistakes I mean I have credit card debt and that’s hurting my credit score. I’m coming into this with some student loans as well but otherwise I’m pretty blessed to be in the position I’m in. I’m also lucky because I live with my parents and my rent is minimal. I’m starting a head of a lot of people but I think some of the basic steps are the same.

So my first step right now is to pay off my credit cards so I can fix my credit score. I’ve used several resources to get myself together. I took a Basic Financial Training class (it’s linked- if you’re local to Nashville sign on up it’s really handy). I’ve also done several of the challenges from Tiff “The Budgetnista” (I liked her website here too she’s amazing).

I’ve got a good starting point and I know that getting that together is the first step. So what am I going to be writing about- all of my expereinces in trying to figure this out and I’m gonna give you some solid tips and tricks on getting some things together, how to look for a car, tools to help you get good rates on financing homes and cars, the ins and outs of investment, all sorts.

I know I’m finally stepping into adulting for real and I’m pretty excited about it- and I hope you’ll step into it too. Adulting doesn’t have to be terrible…or at least I hope it doesn’t!