Morgan Leaves The House: A Series


I’ve been writing about my introvertedness for a long time. Aside from being an introvert, I am a homebody. This combination means that my trips out of the house are more or less limited to church, work, grocery store, and that is basically it. I go to the mall every now and then. I do visit Target fairly often, but those are usually quick trips and thus I spend a ridiculous amount of time just sitting in my room dreaming of all the places I want to go…but I have a hesitation of putting on clothes that aren’t pjs and interacting with other humans.


BUT it’s 2019 and I am working on being fearless (my 2019 word) and I am going to explore my world a little more and LEAVE MY HOUSE. Yes you heard me, Morgan is leaving the house. I am super excited to share my adventures with you…and this marks the launch of my instagram tv channel as well! I have been itching to get into video for a while and now I have the perfect opportunity to share my world.

I’m really excited about this new adventure I’m starting literally. What places would you like to see? I’ll be doing a lot of Nashville exploring but who knows where else I’ll end up!