Morgan Leaves The House: Jeep Life

For Spring Break I decided to go on a friend trip to Orlando, FL. In case you missed it I was a Cast Member at Walt Disney World for almost three years and a lot of my friends still live in the area so I decided to pack my stuffs and head on down for a visit. I flew in on a Monday night on a shockingly full flight- I thought folks left early so they could hit the parks but I guess not lol. When I arrived at MCO, I grabbed my garganto suitcase and headed on down to the Alamo Counter to secure my rental.


My experience with Alamo was really great. I was able to book on Expedia and all I had to do was show up with my confirmation and the credit card and secure my vehicle. The associate I spoke to was really nice and he worked fast. I was grateful- I was pretty tired at that point. I grabbed my stuff and headed to the lot. Alamo at MCO has it set up so you can choose your own vehicle in whatever category you book in. I booked a full size SUV-my regular car is itty bitty so I booked something huge for a change haha.

I walked through a few cars before I saw this Jeep Wrangler and I knew it was the one. It looked like so much fun on the outside. I had to get a running start to get up into it, but OMG I loved it so much. I was at a disadvantage because I’d never driven one before so there were some things I wasn’t expecting like; the windows and stuff to be in the doors, but it’s in the middle. I was so confused at first but then I realized…YOU CAN TAKE THE DOORS OFF! I definitely didn’t do that but yeah the doors are detachable! I’m glad I got to try the Jeep because I’ve ALWAYS wanted to see what they were like. And since it’s about time for me to get a new car this was a pretty rad experiment.

I was really pleased-for how big it was it got decent gas milage. The ride was mostly smooth and honestly…look at how cute I look in it :P This trip was super special because I got to hang with so many friends. My friends Charisma and John took me on a coffee shop tour of Winter Park and Dr. Phillips and we had a BLAST riding around with the windows down. If we had really wanted to go off roading we could’ve…but since it’s rental we were gentle with it haha.

On Monday at the crack of dawn I packed up my stuff to head back home. It was easy peasy to drop my car back off at the airport. I filled it back up with gas before I dropped it off and I was through security easy pease and waiting at the gate for my flight. I had such a wonderful trip to Orlando and it was super fun to be a Jeep girl for a week- but after a week I know I don’t think I want to be a Jeep girl for life. The cool thing about Alamo is that because it’s all over the place if I want to try something different say in Nashville it’s easy peasy to rent a car in my home town too. I think I’m gonna head back to them because I’m in the market for a new car and I want to try things before I buy things!

I’m pretty amped about my experience with Alamo and I’m super stoked they helped make it so easy for me to see all my friends! Do you rent cars when you travel? Who’s your favorite to rent from!