I never thought I’d be writing about a straw but here we are. In my quest to be more minimalist I’ve been looking at living a more sustainable life and trying my best to do my part to do right by mother earth. I’ve seen a ton of things out there about how straws are dangerous for ocean animals, and that they cause a lot of other environmental problems and a straw is easy enough to manage.


I was starting to do some research into which reusable straw to go with and there are 93 million of them to choose from. Whew I was overwhelmed. I looked at glass straws which were real pretty but I couldn’t figure out how to carry them around with me. I realized I needed something foldable and portable and easy to remember to bring with me.


Even then that didn’t actually narrow down my search which made the process mad overwhelming and I was starting to get frustrated because all I really wanted was a straw. Finally my sweet friend Brooke mentioned The Final Straw on her instagram story and I opted to go with that one. She had been testing it and she liked it and the case was cute.

Omg SHOUT OUT TO YOU GIRL, I love The Final Straw. I ordered mine from Amazon and it was delivered pretty quick. If you order directly from The Final Straw they have 5 case colors and two straw colors. I got the lime green one and the rainbow straw. When I opened the teeny box it comes in, it says that there is a cleaner included. For a brief moment I thought I’d been scammed-but I wasn’t.


Look at how cool this all put together!! the cleaner is attached to the drying rack inside the case! This little tube carries everything you need and it hooks up to your key ring if you like. I used it all over Orlando this past week and honestly I love it so much. I like to cheat the straw a little bit by trying to make sure water is the last thing I drink out of it before I go home. That way I can clean it a little bit before I leave the restaurant. Once I’m home I take a little soap (like a very little bit) to scrub the inside with the cleaner and call it a day. The piece of the tube that you can pull out serves as a drying rack too so the water inside the straw dries so it’s a mold free zone :D I know a straw isn’t that big of a deal in helping the planet, but its a tiny step I can take to try to make a difference. I feel blessed that I am in the position to have my own straw. I really like the final straw so far. I’ve only had it for about a week and so far it’s been such a solid investment and it’s kicked off my interest in reusable products. If you’re interested in purchasing your own The Final Straw there is a link below you can click and snag your own right there! I hope we straw twin soon!