Words On Wednesdays: Learning From the School of Life


I didn’t realize I had unconsciously decided to be a forever student until I did some math and realized I’ve been taking some sort of class every year since I started pre-school. One day I will take a break from my academic studies- but probably not any time soon. With that in mind you don’t have to be in a classroom to get an education. This quote by Barbara Jordan speaks to me so much. I’ve learned more about the human experience and love by interacting with people than I ever have in any of the hundreds of books I’ve read or in any classroom I’ve had the privileged to sit in.

I’ve known for a long time I want to help people. My chosen academic passions have a lot to do with helping people overcome situations that aren’t their fault. That is my calling. One thing I’ve noticed in my research is that while all the academic materials are great- they aren’t in a format where everyday people could have access to them or understand them.

I hope once I figure out the best way to translate information to be able to spread all the information in ways that are tangible to everyone and give people immediate tools to help them help themselves or find resources to help. Until them for now I’m working person by person to try to offer as much of myself as I can. I’m still grappling with doing this and factoring in self care and not wearing myself down too much. But I’m grateful for that challenge.

To me it means I’m learning how to love. I recently read Everybody Always by Bob Goff and my mind was blown by how giving Mr. Goff is with his time, resources, and just whole being. I’m hoping maybe one day I’ll figure out how to do that, until then I’ll keep learning from all the people I encounter and hopefully put a little more love in the world.