Healthy Pursuits: Chocolate Chips Overnight Oats

So I'm still trying to make healthier choices with my eating and I have to be honest- IT'S SO HARD! Why is everything delicious so bad for you? Okay that's not true as I explore new dishes I'm learning healthier options are really tasty too. So I'm going to give you a breakdown of my favorite breakfast. It takes like 10 minutes to make!

I've been eating overnight oats for the last 3 weeks for breakfast and I gotta tell you I'm obsessed. I've tried overnight oats before and they were kind of meh, but this recipe is BOMB.COM. I began my search on Pinterest where I honestly search for all my recipes (you can click the Pinterest icon and follow me on there if you like my boards are LIT!)

I found a recipe for Chocolate Chip Overnight Oats recipe from that I altered a teeny little bit. It’s pretty simple. Mix Greek yogurt, oats, vanilla, almond milk, protein powder, nutmeg and cinnamon together, let it sit overnight and voila! I am not a fan of protein powder, and I’m also cheap and it’s expensive so I didn’t use that. At first I just left it out all together, but I got the good idea to add chia seeds to it one day and I got lucky because IT TASTES AMAZING!

This is hands down one of my favorite breakfasts and it takes all of 10 minutes to make. I hope you’ll try it out, I think you’ll really enjoy it. If you test it out tell me what you think!