#MarkleSparkle: Week 1 Round Up


I survived my very first #MarkleSparkle week, by the skin of my teeth. This week was super challenging because I had a lot of papers due and work was crazy and life just sort of beat me up a little bit, but I was determined. I managed to get my Chicken Adobo made no problem-shout out to crock pots! But I’ll be honest I completely forgot to make my Chia Seed Pudding until Wednesday. However I eventually got there and I really liked it. Meghan’s instagram showed hers with blueberries- which I am not a fan of at all. So I topped mine with honey and chopped almonds. If I’m honest the consistency was super weird and I didn’t love the flavor (I added too much cinnamon haha), but I think I can doctor it and make it my own and very tasty. On the plus side I think my mason jar is super Meghan…I think we are on the same wave length there haha.


The food part wasn’t so bad and I really enjoyed it. I found the outfit planning to be super challenging if I’m honest. Meghan’s casual outfits are much more my lane and as I have more casual clothes to match hers those weren’t so hard to manage. But her business casual clothes…those were more a challenge. One of the things I love so much about Meghan Markle is her style. She always looks so polished and put together in her outfits. My clothes have been lacking that power and put together-ness (is that a word? it is now haha) for ages. It still…kind of does but I put in a lot more effort this week than I have in the past. I was able to hit a lot of marks with my outfits in color and silhouette. I even busted out my wedges pretty often because your girl does not wear heels and in fact I just got rid of like all my heels in a clothing purge.

I’m hoping my outfit planning get a little bit easier because my day job attire will be a little more relaxed the week before Christmas. Challenging as this has been I have enjoyed it! I like stretching my fashion muscles a little bit and I’m learning to mix and match patterns a bit. I’m also rediscovering some old clothing items and learning to appreciate them again. So all in the Fashion part is a hard, but as Tisha Campbell says “It’s the Journey”.

Last up is fitness. I still suck and I haven’t made it to Pure Barre- but I am scheduled to go Sunday afternoon (AMEN). Wednesday was like the turning point day in my week so I got back to doing my regular nightly yoga (I missed that so much) too. The last challenge is running. So I’ve been running on my treadmill all this time, and my families Christmas tree goes where the treadmill sits. So since we’ve finally gotten our house all festive, my treadmill is hibernating. I haven’t ventured outside for my runs yet because well honestly I’m a chicken and the thought of running where other people can see me is now very terrifying to me. BUT this challenge is about trying new things and stretching myself so I am DETERMINED to get myself out there running…literally. In the meantime I’ve been doing Cize in my room because I like dance workouts too.