#MarkleSparkle That's A Wrap!


The holidays got the better of me so I wasn’t able to get my wrap up out, because…lazy. Alas Meghan’s work ethic hasn’t totally rubbed off on me just yet. I did 4 weeks of Markle Sparkling and I have to say this challenge…was actually a challenge. I came into this thinking it would be easy to put outfits together and make a few dished and workout. But if I’m honest, it gave me some new perspective of my Meghan Markle admiration. I’m still a hard core fan, I still love her for sure, but I think trying to be like her messed with my head a little more than I thought it would. So let’s break it down into my three categories:

Fitness: I thought this would be the hardest part for me and to a degree it was, but honestly it was the easiest to keep up with. I opted out of doing anything other than yoga practice and I am SO GLAD I took this on. I LOVE doing yoga. It really impacted my sleep patterns in a positive way. I did my yoga in the evening and I stuck to “bedtime yoga” routines because that is when it fit in my schedule. This is a practice I’m keeping up with past the end of the challenge. I just started the Yoga With Adrienne 30 Day Challenge and I’m excited to grow my practice. So shout out to Meghan for being a yogi, this is my favorite take away from my challenge.

Food: I made A LOT of Meghan Markle recipes of the last month, but I have some top favorites that I’ll be making again. First off her Zucchini “Alfredo” sauce is AMAZING! I didn’t love the process of making it because you do have to hover over the stove for 3+ hours, but OH MY GOODNESS it is so tasty. It’s a really nice option for Alfredo sauce without the calories or the dairy. I’m making the slow transition to vegetarianism and this is a recipe I know I’ll be making quite a bit in the next few months. I also am still in love with a good chia seed pudding. I personally altered her recipe to add oats because the texture of regular chia seed pudding made me want to vomit. The oats make it a little less slimy and a little more filling. It’s an awesome breakfast option or healthier snack option. Lastly her Engagement Chicken- It’s amazing. I won’t be making this as often in the not so distant future, but while I can still eat chicken I’ll definitely make it again. It is a really easy recipe and it looks super fancy.

Fashion: So aside from Meghan Markle being a magical human being, her fashion is probably what I get most excited about when new photos come out. I LOVE her style. It’s like the grown up style I want to emulate. I think what is challenging for me right now is that I don’t have a lot of clothing pieces that match what she has and rather than being creative (I did try) I got in my own head and convinced myself I needed to buy a bunch of new things. I didn’t actually do that, but I did look in some online shops to see what cheaper copy cat pieces I could find. I don’t think it is because I’m a on a budget- but a lot of the pieces I just didn’t like. I think what I took away the most from this challenge is as much as I like Meghan’s style, it’s not MY style. Meghan wears a lot of pants. I own one pair of non-jean pants and I don’t like wearing them. I’m a dress girl through and through. This was a valuable lesson to me because as I work through what my actual style is, I figured out what pieces make me feel the most confident. That being said I am very inspired to gather some of the staple pieces I see Meghan wearing (oxford shirts, black blazer, etc) to build my capsule wardrobe. Overall the fashion piece-which I thought would be the easiest part of the challenge turned out to be the hardest and the most eye opening for me.

On the whole, I’m really glad I tried this out. I learned a lot about myself and my favorite British Royal. I definitely want to try this again with another one of my favorites, but I’ll go into it much more prepared than I was this time, and with a different mindset. So the challenge is officially over…but I’ll never stop #marklesparkling…at least on the inside.