Markle Sparkle: Week 3 Round Up


WHEW! A struggle. week. So let me start off by saying this week started out super rough. My grandmother passed away last week so we were traveling at the start of the week and I’m honestly just really sad and super bummed and not that motivated to do much of anything these days if I’m being honest. But I am trying to carry on, and I was determined this week to try so fun new things…and naturally that didn’t happen…at all. Because we traveled we didn’t properly grocery shop so my plans to try new Meghan recipes didn’t go down…at all. I did manage my chia seed pudding which is honestly my favorite thing ever and I will be eating that with my breakfast smoothie until I get tired of it…which will be never. I really wanted this week to be french fry week, because Meghan loves them…but there is always next week :)

As for fashions I didn’t actually have to go to work this week so i got to put together some fun “formal” adjacent outfits…also all based in my summer wardrobe because it’s 3 degrees outside right now and your girl can’t be going out in sandals. What I liked about my looks this week is that they were finally a mix of items I would actually get excited to wear. The purple and yellow dress is one of my favorite pieces (I ordered it on Black Friday and I’ve been counting down to getting it) I own. It’s still a fun pattern, but a super classic silhouette- it also has pockets- PRAISE JEHOVAH. I also really like the polka dot maxi dress. It is super comfy, and the pattern is so fun- I love Polka Dots! I wore some repeats out, but I have a couple more outfits up my sleeve.

My fitness has been consistent. I have been doing my nightly yoga and thank goodness for that. I slept wrong at some point this week and I got this cross crick in my back. Slow stretching with Yoga with Adrienne worked that all the way out and I feel like a human being again. It’s been interesting to see Meghan in the news this week for not the most awesome reasons (that is another blog post all together). But I admire the way in which she has continued to carry herself with grace, though I am often curious about how she’s dealing internally. Anyways, we’re coming up on the last week and honestly I’m just proud I made it this far! I’ll definitely be doing some shopping post the holiday to build up my capsule wardrobe- my girl wears a lot of staple pieces….I don’t have haha.