Markle Sparkle: Week 2

Whew! Another week down in this challenge. I know you can tell I was struggling because my outfit photos definitely weren’t going up on time this week haha. So lets get into my week two recap.


Fashion: This week was rough. I had some stuff happening in my personal life that made me not really that interested in focusing on my outfits that much, but I carried on anyways. One thing I was really starting to realize was how many clothes I wasn’t wearing in effort to copy Meghan’s outfits. I didn’t get to wear almost any of my favorite skirts last week and that made me sad. One of the things I’m realizing is that as much as I love Meghan’s fashion, my personal likes and hers are super different. She has a kind of muted color scheme going especially now that she is a Duchess or she picks colors that I’m not super into. With that said this week I tried to go for silhouettes more than outfit matches so I could incorporate some of my favorite pieces more. When I started making that shift I was much happier! Next week I should have a new piece in the mail that I’m excited to incorporate into the challenge so I’m pretty amped about that!

Food: This week in food I actually nailed it. I made her famous zucchini pasta sauce. Y’ALL, it’s delicious, but such a pain to make haha. I’ll link the recipe here. It’s not that hard to make ingredients wise or steps. It is merely the fact that you have to be near your stove for the entire 4 hours the zucchini are cooking. You need to stir it a lot or it will burn. I know this because the first time I made it I let it sit a little too long without it being stirred and I came back to charred zucchini. I was SO MAD. But attempt to worked out so it was fine…eventually. I did alter the steps a little bit from what Meghan does. I think when I chopped my zucchini I chopped it a lot smaller than she does so I was able to shave about an hour off my cooking time. Additionally when it was all cooked and mushy, I tossed it in my food processor to blend it out into a smooth sauce. I’m so glad I did that! I think she leaves her pieces chunky and that would be a texture issue for me. Overall though it is SUPER TASTY. It’s very creamy like Alfredo sauce with half the calories. I also tried the chia seed pudding again, but this time I added oats to the mix. I do not like chia seeds solo but the oats are a nice buffer and it made it so much more filling at breakfast time. I tossed in a couple of dark chocolate chips too because healthy pursuits, but also…chocolate is everything. Food this week was awesome I’m pretty proud of myself on that one!

Fitness: I’ve struggled with this a little this week, but I’m back on my nightly yoga practices. I traveled Friday so I am not able to get the yoga in at the moment as I am out of town, but it’s going and this is definitely a habit I’m going to try to keep once the challenge is over. I still haven’t made it to pure barre life is just against me lawd lol. But next week I am off and the week after too so I’ll be making up my pure barre classes and I am SO EXCITED!

So that’s my week two. I’m shocked I’ve made it this far if I’m honest with only one outfit repeat haha. We’ll see how week three treats me :D I’m thinking I’m going to be doing some outfits that are a little fancier…but we’ll see!