Paper, Pens, And Other Things I didn't Need But I bought Anyways....

So, I love school supplies. I know I am not the only person in the world that loves school supplies, I’ve seen some of hauls on Instagram, so honestly my little haul is not that bad. Or that is what I going to tell myself. So I’ve collected a couple new things over the last few months that I wanted to share.



So first up are all the new pens and highlighters and markers I’ve purchased. I’ve collected the most new stuff in this section-which is hilarious because I’m trying to be a minimalist right? Well just in case you were going to try to shade me, I replaced literally all my pens and markers and donated what I already had so #nailedit (kind of). So first up I upgraded my sharpie pens. I’ve talked about those before, but if you missed it these are my favorite marker/pens ever. I had the 12 pack in the hard case, and I loved them so much I’ve actually purchased that set twice. I saw that the 16 pack was on sale, and I couldn’t pass it up. I am OBSESSED with these pens. I use the in my Passion Planner, my bullet journal, and in my High Performance Planner. They don’t bleed on any of the pages and the colors are nice. They are fine tip which is great for me I have large handwriting and it keeps my writing in check. Overall if you’re looking for some quality pen/markers I STRONGLY recommend the Sharpie Art Pens. I’ve seen these in Target, Sams and on Amazon. Sam’s and Amazon had the best prices as of 12/13/2018.

Next up are my new regular writing pens. I feel like I’ve been on a quest for a quality ball point pen for ages. I’ve used tons and found some I liked, but I finally caved and purchased a set of Muji .38 black pens just to test them out and see what I thought. I am FOREVER CHANGED. CHANGED. I honestly believe if the Lord was a pen, it would be a Muji pen. HOLY BANANAS. These pens. It is honestly the best writing pen I have ever used period. I love them. They write so smooth. And it’s like crispy looking when you write. My handwriting has never looked so nice. There is of course no bleeding through, they are very very fine tipped pens. It’s a decent size and you can get pen refills which is a bonus. I liked these so much I made my next purchase after one day.


Another set of Muji pens, but this time in technicolor! Okay I don’t think that’s the actual name, but I got the multicolored Muji pens. They also came in a set of 10 offering 10 different colors to write in. Again I got the .38 pen so it’s perfect using in my journals and planners. No bleed through. And these are just so pretty. I mean look at that- gorgeous. I am so tempted to get the pack of 10 blue pens, but I don’t really need them, and I’m more a black pen kind of girl if I’m honest. I can not say enough about Muji pens. I’ve only used the .38 size, but those pens are AMAZING. I’ve never loved a pen as much as I do these so 10/10 recommend if you’re looking for a new writing pen. I purchased mine from Amazon, but I think I’ve heard you can snag these in some stationary stores.


Next up is my new set of Zebra Highlighter Markers. I’ve been hearing about these for ages and I was hesitant to jump in, but after I saw a friend get them and she raved about them (shout out @marymouse23) I finally bought my own set. These highlighters have a large flat side like a regular highlighter and then a point side sort of like a marker. I’m a big fan so far! I use these in my bullet journal, but I mostly use them for highlighting in my bible and in other books that I highlight in. So far no issues with bleeding through the pages, and they are smooth, plus I really like the colors :D I snagged mine on amazon, but I think there are other online shops you can get these in as well.

So that’s my pen haul…lets talk journals. I’ve been using this super cute journals from Joanne’s Fabrics for my morning pages for several months now. I am back in the one with lemons on the front. I love these journals because they’re hard covered, nice size, and the paper is lined. I accidentally got the one that had Brilliant Ideas on the front thinking it was the same, but it has dot grid paper which I love but not for journaling. If you’re looking for a quality writing journal I strongly recommend those.


Last up is my new bullet journal. So before I had one of the giant ones thinking that would work for me, but it didn’t. I’ve re-purposed that one for notes, so I needed a new one. I got so lucky because I snagged a Barnes and Noble gift card at some point and I went there hoping they’d have a color I like. If you don’t know purple is my favorite color and they had a purple one and it was on sale. ALIGNMENT. This journal is working so much better for me! It’s smaller so it fits in my purse and I’ve been working on finding simpler spreads to work with that I actually use. Pinterest is a good resource but I would search simple bullet journal spreads. The artsy ones are fun, but so much to take in haha. I mainly use this for content planning and scheduling for my blog so I can take more notes in it. I do keep a schedule in my passion planner as well, but mostly I keep that content planning I keep in my bullet journal.


I snagged a new pencil case too…which I 100% didn’t need but I got it anyways, don’t judge me. My old one went with all my other pens. I do like this one because it’s much larger so I can fit all of my items in this one bag rather than needing more than one.

So that’s my little haul I didn’t need to make…but I did it anyways. Let me know if you’ve tried any of these products and if you have any recommendations in the comments!