Markle Sparkle Updates and Starting Over


Greetings and salutations loves! Okay so last month I wrote about my Markle Sparkle Challenge and life got the better of me so I didn’t get to do this the way I wanted to so…I’m starting all the way over today December 1! I’m still keeping the same challenges, fitness, food and fashion (the three fs haha), but I am going to do it all at the same time for the whole month of December. I had most of this month to plan this out while laying the foundation for some of the things I wanted to accomplish.

I am still doing yoga regularly which is a staple to Meghan’s workout regime. I’m also still running 3 times a week which is awesome. She is an avid pilates afficiando (or she used to be pre dutchess life) and I wanted to substitute that for Pure Barre but life failed me and I didn’t make it to classes this month. But my December schedule lightens up SO MUCH which is awesome so here I am working hard to get my life mapped out. December 6th my life opens up so much because I won’t have any more classes for school to go to (PRAISE HIM IN THE HIGHEST). So I’ll be able to get those workouts in wooo!

In regards to her fashion, I’ve been collecting clothing items slowly but surely I can use to basically “Disney bound” Meghan Markle because I am poor and I do not have her clothing budget haha. I have lots of outfit Inspo saved on my pinterest which you can check out. 31 days of Meghan Markle outfits…that’s a bit ridiculous haha. My aim is to be MM inspired when I have to leave my house and be presentable ie…during the work week and for church. So that’s Sundays-Fridays. Saturday shall be my day of rest haha.

Lastly comes my favorite part-food. Meghan recently wrote the forward to a charity cookbook which I have, and I am going to try to make a couple recipes from that book. I additionally have found some of her favorite recipes from magazine articles, plus some things from The Tig. To keep this from being too expensive I’ll be doing two meals a week inspired by Meghan, in large part because I meal prep and I eat pretty much the same thing everyday for the week. I am going to try to do a couple of gluten free meals because I know she is gluten free during the week- but I like gluten sooo….lol. Additionally I am going to be trying some green juices and a few other things too. I’m excited this is going to be an experiment in new foods for me! I will be posting my grocery lists on Saturday mornings and my meal preps sunday in my instagram stories so you can see too!

The three Fs are the main part of the challenge, but I am going to try to recreate a couple make up looks as well. I don’t have any formal events to go to (that I’m aware of) in December but I might come up with some formal outfits because why not lol. I’m still out here #MarkleSparkling but I’m much better prepared to actually document it and keep up with you guys. So if at first you don’t succeed try and try again but I am determined to live my best dutchess life and I can not wait to share it with you guys!