#MugginMonday The GR Call

Hello and welcome back to another #MugginMonday! I left you on a little bit of cliff hanger last week didn’t I? Haha. Well I will give you another piece of my Disney journey this week, but first lets talk mugs. Today I’m showcasing my Epcot Mug. This mug is the original Epcot mug they made featuring the purple monorail. It was pulled a few days after it’s release because of the tragedy that occurred with that particular train. I never got the new mug so this is the one I have. I choose this mug because Epcot is the only Disney Park I never got to work in, and because Disney Springs doesn’t have a mug.


Okay so on with the story. So I left off on the day I found out I was going to be a Train Tour Guide. I very distinctly remember this day. I called my mom after I got off work to tell her I had gotten the tour. She like me was so excited because I had practiced so hard to get that role! That evening I was doing some volunteer hours at Give Kids the World that evening and just before I checked in for my shift I got a phone call. I answered it because not too terribly long before I had applied and been chosen to interview for a part time Guest Relations Host position.

Guest Relations became my long term dream approximately 5 minutes after I started working at Walt Disney World. Now don’t get me wrong I LOVE my locomotives so very much, but I wanted to move upwards in the company and Guest Relations was the next skill set I was aiming for. I had heard it was hard to get into-which honestly made me more determined to get the role. I honestly didn’t think there would be a chance for me to apply so soon, but I saw the part time spot and I decided to apply just to see what happened. I was shocked when I actually got an interview. The process was marginally terrifying- but I survived it.

I wasn’t thinking I would get a call that round, I mean it was my first go round, and I had basically been told that doesn’t happen. WELP the Good Lord intervened for me because I got a call from Downtown Disney Guest Relations offering me the position. I honestly almost passed out. I was really nervous because I wasn’t expecting any of it so soon, I had a trip booked to Disneyland for the Tinkerbelle Half, and my mom her sisters were coming and I had already requested off. I mean I was so nervous to mention it. I’m glad I did. They were so gracious to work with me on my scheduled time off and I accepted the position that day.

What. A. Whirlwind. In one day I got my dream tour and my dream job! WHAT IS EVEN LIFE. I was really sad to leave my trains family- but it was just a temporary assignment so I assumed I would be back on the rails after a few months-no big deal. Umm that isn’t what happened but more on that later.

Training for Guest Relations was a really intense process. Like it honestly felt more stressful than learning how to operate a whole entire steam engine. But it was a really cool process and I was very lucky because a lot of my trainers were people I would be working with in Downtown Disney. Yes Downtown Disney because the name hadn’t changed just yet when I went there. When I started at Disney Springs the team was so welcoming and even though I was truly terrified everyone was so kind and helpful I didn’t feel so nervous all the time.

The really lovely thing about being part time was I was able to pick up a ton of shifts in different locations to make up my hours. So I started my around the World Guest Relations Tour…which I will tell you all about next time :)