#MugginMonday One Day In Paris


Another Monday, that’s actually a Wednesday, Another Mug. You know something really funny that is happening is that with all my purging of things in my minimalism journey…I’m actually running out of mugs. In fact this is my last #mugginmonday for a while because I don’t have anything to show you… So I’m going to have to start…leaving my house to go get coffee so I’ll have mugs! If you have favorites in Nashville, let me know and I’ll go test them out :D

But as I still have a mug to chat about I am going to tell you about the insane like 15 hours I spent in Paris with my friends last year. In 2017 I was finishing up my Masters in Civic Leadership. We had the option of doing a study abroad in Europe instead of taking a class over the summer. I went to Europe. For the most part our trip was jam packed with meetings and educational experiences, but they gave one day in Paris to do what we wanted.

This was awesome! Most of us graduate students hung together for the day and it turned out of the 5 of us I think I was the only one that had been to Paris before. I have to say experiencing Paris for with someone for the first time is SO MAGICAL! Paris is one of my very favorite European cities, and it was so nice to share a couple of my favorite things with friends. Plus it had been a few years since I visited the actual city and I was SUPER STOKED to be back.


So first things first we took a train from Brussels to Paris which was lovely. I love traveling by train and I wish that was something I felt more comfortable doing in the United States. But since train travel isn’t so much of a thing in Tennessee, I fly and drive. Anyways once we got there we promptly all got lost trying to pick the right train to board to get into the city. Shout out to our professor that helped us out. Once we got on the right subway we made it right to Notre Dame. It was beautiful. I thought I had never been in it before, I was totally wrong I had. But it had been a while and it felt like the very first time. We had a great time exploring the area and we decided to just wander around and see where the day took us.


We made it to the Lurve for pictures, we didn’t have enough time to really explore the museum. We visited the Eiffle Tower and my dear friend Cachella got my favorite photo of me I’ve ever had taken ever! We stopped in at this super cute little cafe and got crepes. It was my first proper savory crepe and honestly I am forever changed.

We made it to the Arch de Triumph and did some shopping in that area. I found a Morgan store and I legit bought earrings for my mom just so I could get a bag with my name on it haha. They had some really cute stuff too. And with the help of my friends we found a Starbucks so I could get my mug.

I think once we all coordinated watches we ended up walking like 10 miles that day and we were grateful an easy travel day back to Brussels for a good nights rest. But we had a wonderful day in Paris and one I will never forget :)