#MugginMonday Animal Kingdom Adventures and A New Permanent Home


Welcome back to #MugginMonday! You survived Star Wars weekend with me, so lets head to Animal Kingdom in my work around the world tour. Getting a shift at Animal Kingdom took AGES. Well honestly not ages, I was still working “part time” at Downtown Disney. I’d survived my Star Wars Weekend experience, and I was a little less nervous about DAK because I actually do things there. I’d even ridden Expedition Everest a few times even though I loathe roller coasters. I have to say the people I worked with that morning were SO SWEET!

At the time I was there, DAK closed at 7 pm, pre-Pandora. They do some things differently in that they don’t allow plastic straws in the park and had to watch for it. And the vibe I experienced AT THE TIME was so chill. I made my first dining reservation for a guest in the window which was so cool. I got to work their window and park entry and I learned a lot about getting tickets sorted out quickly there.

It was honestly a really calm day and I wish I had gotten to work there more because I enjoyed it so much. I got a lovely lesson in ticketing because we had a little more time to show me some things that I hadn’t seen before. And booking fastpasses for that park wasn’t nearly as hard as it had been in other places. I also got a crash course in their dining options and low key I think I made a reservation for myself in the park haha.

I also got to make magic for a family that was having a bit of a rough trip there and that was exciting too. I had a bit of help doing that too. I was really nervous going into the shift, but by the time I left there I was completely in love with the park and the GR team.

In the midst of my round the world trip I mentioned that I was heavily working in the Magic Kingdom because they had a lot of extra shifts for me to pick up. It’s the busiest park and they always needed people. Ironically I actually spent more time in Magic Kingdom than I did in Downtown Disney locations. I awkwardly got asked once if I was always staffed at Magic Kingdom and when I said no the leader that asked was shocked. I was actually encouraged to inquire about a full time TA. I was PETRIFIED to ask. So I think I waited like 2 weeks and then called my mom, and cried about it and then I finally plucked up the nerve to ask.

I got SO LUCKY because I was offered a full time TA at Magic Kingdom in Guest Relations. I LOVED my time with Disney Springs and I was low key gutted I didn’t get to be there for the official change over to Disney Springs. That team was so good to me. But high key…I needed insurance and steady hours and I was interested in more tours. I also felt most at home in Magic Kingdom because I had been there for a year and I knew it like the back of my hand (or so I thought lol). I went on back to Magic Kingdom and with the hours I worked it was hard to pick up other places, but I did make it back to Downtown Disney just before the final change happened and the moved location. It was a wild adventure from May to August…October brought me a full time statuesed position which I wasn’t expecting at all but was so grateful for. I spent the rest of my time at Walt Disney World at MKGR and I am grateful for every second of it.

From cool trips I got to go on, to amazing guest experiences, and a crash course in learning how to diffuse angry guest situations. I learned so much while I was working for the mouse. I can confidently say I don’t miss the hours or being away from my family haha, but I miss my friends there a lot. I’m thankful for the mouse for giving me some of the best friends I’ve ever had. So that’s my Journey around the Disney World haha. You might see my Disneyland Mugs pop up soo because I took two super rad trips there but that’s all the magic…for now ;-)