#mugginmonday The Only Tenn-I-See

Greetings and welcome to another #mugginmonday! Today I’m featuring this sweet Tennessee mug I snagged a few weeks back. When Starbucks changed from the You Are Here collection to the Been There collections I was so bummed because I am a slacker and I never actually picked up the Nashville or Tennessee mugs from the OG set. I got SO LUCKY to find the Tennessee mug in the Starbucks in Green Hills Mall so I snatched it up with a quickness! Today I’m sipping on Dark Chocolate Hot Chocolate because I can finally taste things again, and treat yo self!


So this mug is special because I’ve lived in Tennessee since 2006! No, I am not a native, but Tennessee and Nashville will be home to me as long as my parents live here. So lets talk about how I ended up in Tennessee in the first place. I came here for school. Actually lets rewind and talk about where I lived before. In 2006 I was living in Northfield, MN. My mom and dad worked at Carleton College and The University of Minnesota (respectively) and I got dragged up north because well I didn’t have a choice in the beginning of 8th grade. I was NOT PLEASED. I wanted to go back to Lexington, KY where I had basically grown up. But alas that’s not what happened and I spent my last year of middle school and all of high school in the coldest place I’ve ever been. I made friends and it was fine…but honestly it sucked. A lot of the people in my town stayed…like stayed there and didn’t want to leave for college. I was opposite. I was ready to go. I don’t think I applied to any schools in the state.

Cut to January of 2006 and I got my big envelope from Vanderbilt University and my soul was on 75! Not only had a I gotten into college, but I was getting out of Minnesota haha. So in August just before my 18th birthday we packed up the car and moved into Branscomb Dorm 2nd floor. I had a great freshmen year! I didn’t have much of a clue of what I wanted…actually that is a whole lie. I knew exactly what I wanted. To major in history, become a family therapist like my dad, get married, have babies and do it all before I turned 25. Bless my sweet sweet soul.

I spent 4 good years at Vanderbilt with a ton of ups and downs but I made it out…right in time for the recession haha. In the meantime while I was studying hard my parents were working hard too. My dad spent 2008 working in Washington DC with then Senator soon to be President Obama (AMAZING RIGHT) and not long after his fellowship was over Vanderbilt called offering him a job. Yep…my school. Not only my school but my major. I was a double major in African American and Diaspora Studies and Human Organizational Development- Health and Human Service track. HOD and Peabody College came a callin’ and my dad accepted a job with them in 2009 aka my senior year. Some of you might think that’s awful but I didn’t.

I could go home on the weekend. I got free groceries. I had a ride to church. All good things. When I graduated I moved back in with the parentals and worked a ton of odd jobs because NO ONE WOULD HIRE ME in my actual field. I explored classes in education thinking I wanted to be a teacher ( that is not my ministry but shout out to you teachers- y’all are amazing). I worked in a bakery, I waited tables, lots of odd jobs. Until 2014 I worked so many random jobs. It was in 2013 I decided to go for cosmetology because I wanted to do hair at Disney World. Really that was my goal. Now I am a true beauty school drop out because before I finished…I got hired at Walt Disney World, not to do hair, but to work in attractions. I worked in attractions and Guest Relations for 2.5 years and then I decided to come on back home.

I went back to school to get my Master’s degree in Civic Leadership and now I’m trying to decide which direction to go. So that’s my story and that’s where I am right now. One day I’ll tell you all about my Disney adventures and all the weird jobs I worked while I figured myself out. I would just say…if you’re feeling stuck, nervous or lost…it’s okay. Eventually it gets so much better and you learn to have fun with the process. I’m having the time of my life in my 30s and I’m grateful for all my Nashville experiences…so far :)