About Me

Hi there, I’m Morgan, a INFJ, book loving, tea loving, academic with two cats, that is trying to figure out the ins and outs of being a real life in color adult. I started my blog as a fun way to document my adulting adventures and as a way to make myself write on a regular basis. Today my blog is still that- but with more of a purpose-not only to document my adventures in adulting- but sharing tips and tricks I’ve learned over time so maybe some of your have an easier time transitioning from sort of adult to real adult than I have. 

I do my best to keep my blog as authentic as possible so you’ll get the good with the rough patches here too. I am dealing with both anxiety and depression and I talk about that openly on my blog because there is no shame in my mental health illnesses and I want to share my experiences. I try hard to not only share that part of myself, but also my journey in body acceptance, healthy pursuits, financial planning and everything in between. 

As I work on this blog you’ll see it change and grow as I do. I feature lots of different things here from my two cats Frank and Ollie; my extreme love of planners, and trying to sort out skin care as a 30-something. I love getting to interact with different people; but sometimes I take breaks because I am introvert and I need time to recharge my social batteries.  

For the most part you’ll find me exploring Nashville, TN where I live with my two cats Frank and Ollie or you can find me at home in my reading nook, reading my latest library find or writing for my other passion project The Mighty Bumblebee a space for all my academic endeavors. If I miss you in person, feel free to chat me up here, on instagram or on facebook, but for now Keep Buzzing <3 

Let’s Get Together

To get in touch with me about partnerships or collaborations send me an email here at booksandbees1@gmail.com 

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